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By Valhalla Medical Supply

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The NE-1 is a leap forward in face mask evolution.

Comfortably navigate the new economy with peace of mind in your N95+ filtering NE-1 Helmet

The NE-1 HelmetTM was created for anyone, anywhere. Designed with you in mind, begin navigating the new economy safely and comfortably with its patent-pending design and technology. The NE-1 HelmetTM is a product of ValhallaMED—working daily to design and innovate solutions to fight COVID-19 and take back tomorrow.

Protection of a Patent Pending Filtration System

Our patent pending filtration system pulls air through a nanofiber filter removing harmful virus and bacteria while expelling your exhaled breath through the same quality filter protecting both you and those around you.

Visibility through a Large Antiglare, Antifog Face Shield

Unlike face masks that cover your face preventing facial cues—up to 70% of communication is non-verbal—our large face shield provides a full field of view so that you can see and be seen.

Clarity provided by a Bluetooth Audio System

Our built-in Bluetooth audio system includes speakers and microphones inside and outside of the helmet so that you can hear and be heard. No more muffled sounds or shouting through your mask.

Comfort through Active Cooling

Our powered air system provides hours of fresh filtered air while removing your warm exhaled breath. The air flow provided by continuously moving air in and out of the helmet makes the helmet helps keep the user comfortable enough to forget they’re wearing it.

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Large antifog, antiglare face shield
Bluetooth audio speakers and microphones
Patent-pending N95+ filtration system
Comfortable, waterproof neoprene neck seal
Slider to raise and lower face shield
Magnetic seal holds face shield in place

The Evolution of the NE-1 Helmet™

From Concept to Production

About ValhallaMED

ValhallaMED works daily to fight COVID-19 and take back tomorrow. Founded during the coronavirus pandemic, the MedTech startup aims to enable rapid engineering of human-first solutions to improve healthcare delivery — at home and in the hospital. The company’s flagship product is the NE-1 Helmet created for anyone to navigate the new economy safely and comfortably.